A Spiritual and Cultural-Historical Journey
from Pirita to Vana-Vastseliina

Pilgrim’s route

Mosina Watermill

Originally the Mosina Mill belonged to Meeri’s Mansion. The Mosina Mill lease agreement was signed between the Landlord Otto von Seidlitz and Juhan Murak, in 1902. Before 1914th, there was one turbine in the mill. Dam was built of quarry stones in 1921, and in the middle of it was an island with ice apron. In the 1930s, Juhan Murak rebuilt a Mill’s building. The renovated Mill was three-story, with quarry stone walls and semi-hip roof. The turbine inflow was in the front side and outflow from the rear corner.
The dam was detonated in 1944, during the Second World War.

The Mosina Watermill finished work at grain milling (bread meal, groats, grits) in the late 1950s. After that the Mill was owned by the Tartu Bus and Taxi Park and in the late 1960s, the Mill building was rebuilt into a Resting Base.

„The house itself is in good condition and under the water channel there are two turbines, which are in operational conditions, but there are no milling machines in the building. „As a Mill, that building has no perspective, that’s clear,” says the Mill’s owner, Herbert Rasso, in 2002. „But if everything goes well, then after year-and-a-half, we should start with a new power plant in Mill.””


However, the Mill was not put into operation – the place is now leased and the Mosina Mill offers a lodging. The place is beautiful and quiet, the rooms are comfortable, the waters singing lullabies, in the kitchen can cook, there are showers and the sauna, the dirty clothes can be washed in the washing machine, the shelves are full of exciting books and those who wish, can fishing for the cat – would anyone wish anything more?


Address: Mosina veski, Vissi küla, Nõo vald, Tartumaa.
Phone: +3725043161; mosina.veski@gmail.com
http://mosinaveski.ee   https://www.facebook.com/vesiveski/  

Daila Aas, in August 2018


Agnes-Asta Marand. Lehekülgi Nõo ajaloost I–III.  2001–2003