A Spiritual and Cultural-Historical Journey
from Pirita to Vana-Vastseliina

Pilgrim’s route

Päinurme Museum

Päinurme Museum is a local history museum, and unique in that its founder and curator Ründo Mülts (b. 1991) began his collecting activity during his schooldays, at the age of 10. When the museum was founded n 2004, he was only 14. Ründo Mülts is a history graduate from the University of Tartu; he is currently working at Järvamaa museum as a researcher. He is also an organiser of local events.

Päinurme Museum enlivens what seems to be a God-forsaken part of the country. Ründo Mülts himself is a passionate collector and a wonderful storyteller and has the wonderful ability to bring history to life.

The exhibition, which is thematically arranged in eleven rooms, gives a good overview of the region’s past and present. For example, one room is furnished as the study of the politician and agronomist August Jürima, who was a minister in various Estonian governments in the 1930s, and came from Palsu Farm in the Village of Vaali (where, in 1905, August Jürima’s father Mart Jürman and others declared Vaali a republic). The history of local government and land reform is displayed in another room. We are also introduced to the main activities of local men and women: hunting, lumbering, firefighting, handicraft, cultural life, folk customs, etc. There are rooms dedicated to local schools, local trade and community work. There is a guerilla fighter’s hideout, a living room of a collective farmer, and an apothecary’s dispensary.

The motto of the Päinurme Museum is: „Local heritage – culture dead or alive?” Over the years the collection has grown to include several thousand items. The museum is situated in the community house of the Village of Päinurme.
In 2008 the President of the Republic of Estonia Toomas Hendrik Ilves visited the museum and in the same year Ründo Mülts received the Good Example Award.

Riina Roose, a friend of the Päinurme Museum

Let’s get started Road again at the Päinurme Bus Stop. Right here is an A&O Shop. The shop is open Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm and on Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm.
From the asphalt road’s Signpost, we take direction to the Põltsamaa. The next Milestone is the Boundary Stone, next to the oak tree at the Riiusaare Bus Stop, which reminds the Old Estonian-Livonian Border in Central Estonia.

The Päinurme Local History Museum is open:
10 June – 1 September on Tue, Wed and Sat 10.00–14.00
2 September – 9 June on Sat 11.00–14.00 and Sun 12.00–13.00
Contact: Ründo Mülts, phone +372 386 9410, +372 518 5813; ryndom99@gmail.com

In the Päinurme Community Center, the Pilgrims can also stay overnight:
Contact: Lea Traks, phone +372 521 6434; matkaplus@hot.ee