A Spiritual and Cultural-Historical Journey
from Pirita to Vana-Vastseliina

Pilgrim’s route


Where does this wonderful name come from? Once upon a time a general sold, i.e. betrayed his camp to the enemy during the war, and that is how it came about (Järva County folk legend). This is a legend, but legends often influence how we understand history.

Today the most important place in Müüsleri is the memorial to the War of Independence. On 5 January 1919 the newly formed Järva Defence Battalion and the Estonian Defence League troops fought a battle against the enemy. The battle was won and Paide was not conquered. i.e. the camp was not „sold”. The memorial to the victory, designed by the artist August Roosileht, was unveiled on 15 August 1934. The unveiling ceremony was attended by nearly 5000 people. During Soviet rule the memorial was demolished, but was restored and re-opened on 27 August 1988.

Müüsleri was settled already in prehistoric times, as witnessed by burial grounds from the period, which are now under state protection. The first written record of the village was in the Järva land register of 1564 where two villages were named: Karevere and Sainal. The history of both villages is connected with Müüsleri Manor, as these were manorial lands.


Müüsleri Manor (Seinigal in German) was first mentioned in 1623. The Estonian name Müüsleri is a corruption of the name of the owner (Cord Meuseler), who also established the manor. The long one-storeyed manor house was built at the turn of the 18/19th centuries, in the second half of the 19th century one storey was added to the right-hand wing. After the expropriation of the manorial lands in 1919 the mansion housed a school. It was destroyed in a fire during the battles of 1941. Only the beautiful manorial park reminds us of the past. The park has been converted to a theme park Kilplala (Gothamites), and it is also used for village gatherings.

The former ancillary buildings of the manor, a stable for horses and a smithy have been reconstructed and are used by the Müüsleri Saare Society. An imposing exhibition of the War of Independence is on view in the former stable, films can be shown here as well. The old smithy has been converted, the social events of the village take place here.

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