A Spiritual and Cultural-Historical Journey
from Pirita to Vana-Vastseliina

Pilgrim’s route

From Paidra Lake to Pikakannu

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From the Forest Brother August Sabbe execution place, we walk back to the highway, across the road and then directly along the RMK Hiking Trail, which goes to Paidra Lake. There is an RMK Recreation Area on the eastern Lake shore.



There are a Campfire Place, tables and benches, a toilet, a woodshed and a swimming place for travelers to enjoy. Under the open shed roof, is a place in floor for two sleeping bags, there can the unpretentious travelers spend the night.
Info: www.rmk.ee Phone: 6767532; Loodusvaht (Nature Watch), Phone 55554217

The Paidra Lake is special in many ways. The Lake water is so wonderfully soft, that after swimming the body is like silk, and it is said that at all the gold, that is attached to the swimmer, gets a new shine.
The water exchange of the Lake is very weak and the soils of this catchment area are poor in nutrients, which is why rare plant communities have been preserved in the Lake ecosystem, which is very sensitive to even the least pollution.
Therefore, the Paidra Lake and its surroundings should be carefully hold and protected from ultra-active „Developers”. However, it can be seen that, a beautiful old forest by the lake has been cut partly down. There are old Paws here on the Lake shore. In ancient times, the Swedish Military Route ran from here. Now our The Pilgrimage Road is here.

From the Lake we walk along the RMK Hiking Trail (on the left stays Rebasemägi – Fox Hill) until the road splits in two. Here the RMK trail goes to the left, but we keep to the right. We are surrounded by a green fairytale forest – tall pines and spruces, the ground is covered with a soft moss carpet and the air smells of pine resin. We have walked from the Lake for twenty minutes, when our road leads to a slightly larger forest road.

At the crossroads, we continue our way (do not turn to Käo road). As soon as we get out of the forest, Virve Farm, which is engaged in horse breeding, stands out. From the paddock, across the road, the beautiful horses come to explore passing travelers.


From here, we have twenty minutes to walk in a strong headwind, before we get on the bigger road.
There is a Pikakannu Bus Stop on the asphalt road. The sign at the Bus Stop states that, at the Store Car will stop here on Fridays, at 13.30 (it was in 2019, but now?).
We came from Paidra Lake to Pikakannu in an hour and a quarter. A total of about 5.6 km.


The yellow wooden house on the left is the former Pindi Borough Office Building, the current Society House. It is in the same House that a traveler can spend the night. A few steps further (also on the left), there is a white two-storey Pikakannu Schoolhouse, built in 1939. Before that, the School operated in an old wooden house across the road.

By Daila Aas
In October, 2019