A Spiritual and Cultural-Historical Journey
from Pirita to Vana-Vastseliina

About us

FRIENDS OF THE PIRITA CONVENT – that is what we are called. There is quite a large number of us and we take pleasure in each other’s company and have interests in common. The Friends unite people of different ages and professions. The ways we were brought together were very different. But those who came have stayed and are attached to the Pirita convent. We are fascinated by the Sisters and the atmosphere and spirituality at the Pirita Convent.
We try and help the convent with their work and activities as much as possible. But we know that we are more receivers than givers.

We share common interests and activities and this binds us together. In winter we educate ourselves by listening to lectures, in summer we take trips in Estonia and abroad. We have travelled to Sweden, Norway and Italy in the footsteps of Saint Bridget and almost every year about a dozen people spend a week in the Holy Land where the Bridgettine Order has two monasteries.

Over the past years we have been working on a pilgrimage route which stretches from the north coast almost to the southern border of Estonia. Indeed, it has been most interesting to plan the different sections of the pilgrimage trail and to walk along them, not to speak of meetings with wonderful people on the way. These meetings with the culture and history of our own people have been incredibly enlightening to us. We seem to find gaps in our rather narrow education at every turn! There have been more impressions, discoveries and meetings with interesting people than we initially expected. It is as if you are walking along the long road carrying a baby in your lap who is growing all the time, and the heavier the child gets the happier you are.
We hope that in future the route will attract many people, on foot, on wheels or on horseback, and that they will travel along the route with their soul singing…

We are grateful to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Land Board, the State Forest Management Centre, all the museums, congregations, schools and wonderful people for their help and support.